Pea Protein

As with most sources of protein these days, pea protein is available in powdered form. If you thought that all protein powder was man made then let me explain how this one comes to be.

How does that make Pea Protein different?

If you’re used to chugging down protein powder after a work out like it’s going out of fashion, maybe it’s time to open your eyes to the human injustice going on behind the scenes.

Protein Powder and Your Digestion

Did you know that around 75% of the world’s population is believed to be lactose intolerant?³

Plant Protein

Once again, this is where Mother Nature comes to the rescue.

The Environmental Argument

When you look at the stats around plat-based diets it really becomes less of an argument and more of an eye-opener.

Pea-Protein Vs. Whey Protein

Still not convinced? Maybe you think these arguments are all well and good but you just can’t bear see your gains, gains, gains go down the pan.

Downsides of Pea Protein

Nutritionally speaking, there are minimal downsides to Pea Protein but here are some arguments that some protein purists might throw at you in the gym:

  • Although it is high in iron, the human body’s uptake of this is lower from plant-based sources than animal ones (unless it is combined with Vitamin C…)
  • Pea Protein is not yet considered “main-stream” so getting your hands on some might be more difficult than the usual big-brand suspects.

A solution

There are more and more products emerging that contain protein from plant-based sources and are becoming easier and more accepted in the fitness communities.

  • Our Rejuvenation Lemon Bites are packed with 200% of your RDI of Vitamin C, so your uptake of iron is maximised.
  • They’re tasty as F**k. As our name suggests, they also have a gritty texture so if you aren’t down for that then, well, it’s your call but you’re missing out.


As I said, this isn’t a sales pitch. If our company facts haven’t put you off reading, then I hope that this has been beneficial for you in both gaining some knowledge to improve your life and potentially gaining some gains in a healthier and more ethical way.

Improving Human Performance through Food & Science. Nutrition For Achievers. Our Superfood Bites➡️

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